Tyler Oakley: “Why Diversity Sucks.” | Download

Tyler has deleted his original upload and his YouTube network has taken down copies that have been uploaded to YouTube since, but you can download the video here.

Tyler has never apologized for the content of this video, except to say, “Best part of doing YouTube for 5+ years is seeing how much I’ve grown up. Worst is the cringeworthy bumps documented along the way. Oh well!

When Laci Green, who is planning to collaborate with Tyler, was told about this video and why it made some people uncomfortable with her collaboration with Tyler, she said, “I don’t give a single fuck. If people don’t understand how the learning process works and that alienating them doesn’t advance the cause, that’s not my problem.

Laci, have you ever considered that your viewers aren’t offended by Tyler’s sentiments out of some lofty ideological commitment to social justice, but because blatant racism makes them uncomfortable?

Have you considered that Tyler’s racist comments and his lack of apology might alienate people, hinder the learning process, and hurt the causes you are trying to promote?

This is the sort of thing that demands a sincere apology, not “Oh well!” and “I don’t give a single fuck.”

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    Technically he hate them trying to fill some sort of a diversity quota, not that he hates diversity.
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    Let’s all stab him
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    This is why he needs to burn.
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    seems like dude is trying to pass off needless racism as ‘humor’. why is he popular??
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